Gurbani Foundation Course

Designed to build foundation knowledge of Reading Gurbani. An interactive course that develops confidence and interest in participants. Focus will be on pronunciation of alphabets, practice of muharni and understanding sound origination.

The greatness and importance of Gurbani will also be discussed. Upon completion, the participant will qualify to enroll in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Course. With only 12 hours of investment over 6 weeks, the student will be able to read fluently Sri Japji Sahib, Anand Sahib, Kirten Sohila, Dekhni Ongkaar, Vaar (Majh & Ramkali), Bhagat Bani, Sehaskriti and Gatha.  In addition, short sakhis from the live of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji will be shared with the students. 

Gurbani Foundation Course

If you are able to read Gurmukhi but slow and out of touch, this 4 weeks (8 hours) program will  bring back your competency so that you can join the SGGS Course.

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