Punjabi Education addresses the following needs:

♦ Communication

♦ Heritage

♦ Cultural & Social

♦ Literature

Gurmat Studies for Spiritual Enhancement address the following:

♦ Understanding Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

♦ Sikh History

♦ Gurmat Studies

♦ Comprehension of religious literature

Bridging The GAP ►►►

Beginning years…

6th year in operations

Establish in January 2005
For the first time ever in Malaysia – a systematic designed syllabus for Sikh Studies
Head Office – 2nd Floor of Wisma Tatt Khalsa
Currently 300 students in two batches – Year 1 till 4
10 classes running concurrently every Sunday 2.00pm to 5.00p.m
Resource centre in operations.
Computer centre with 12 computers and broadband connection to encourage computer learning skills and self-study.
New challenges
Number of students are increasing
Demand from Sangat to have another intake
Demand for more classes is increasing
Shortage of space
People of the Academy
Malaysia Gursikhs of all ages and walks of life with a deep affection for the sikh community and religion
An unwavering desire to serve the Sikh community, guided by extensive research on authentic religious literature