About Us

The SGGS Academy was established in January 2005. Its headquarters is based at 2nd floor of Wisma Tatt Khalsa, Malaysia. Currently, the centre teaches about 300 students ranging from Year 1 till 4. It has also produced 2 batches of graduates from the entire Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji senthia course.
    The Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Academy Trust (Academy) was set-up to fulfil the following objectives for the Global Sikh community:a) Provide life-long learning to the Global Sikh community in all areas relevant to the community in particular Sikh studies, education, economic, social, sports, medical and health well being so that they may become God awakened souls and contribute to Nation building.

b) Establish adequate facilities and prepare materials to disseminate a systematic modular system to conduct and teach Gurbani, Sikh History and Gurmukhi literacy classes for Sikhs, tailored to today’s lifestyle requirements. 

c) Establish a music school in particular teaching classical and contemporary music and kirtan (religious songs).

d) Provide appropriate certificates, diploma, advance diploma courses to students who complete the Academy’s courses and meet the standards set by the Academy. 

e)Establish Sikh libraries which shall serve as resource centres on Gurbani, the Sikh religion and History and other issues relevant to the community and would house inter-alia booklets, newsletters, magazines, journals and other periodicals, maps, documents, audio-visual materials, picture reproductions, e-library, photographs and other such materials as may be deemed useful for the Sikh community. 

f)Take part in charitable, benevolent, welfare and /or any disaster relief work in conjunction with government agencies and other relevant organizations.

The Academy is established as a private trust with following 3 Malaysian trustees and co-operation of Tatt Khalsa Diwan Selangor, Malaysia’s premier Sikh organization: Mr Paramjit Singh
Mr Sunil Sukhvir Singh

Mr Amarjeet Singh